quarta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2014

O Presidente do Aborto


«OBAMA has made a habit of delivering an address praising Roe v. Wade on the anniversary of the decision. Today, on the 41st anniversary, he said that abortion helps women “fulfill their dreams.” It’s amazing that people think of Obama as pro-woman. Since Roe v. Wade, black illegitimacy alone has skyrocketed to over 70 percent. Marriage is almost every woman’s dream. Abortion has not exactly been empowering for women.

The most powerful thing a woman can do is give life to a human being. What dream could exceed that? The abortion movement has always denied that women have other options, the chief of them today being adoption.

America will only see an end to the well-funded, legal, government-supported machinery of abortion, and the coming pharmaceutical age of abortion, when it rejects the idea that elected politicians or appointed judges or the people themselves should govern morality and that God has no political rights at all.»

--- The Abortion President

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