terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

Macron é um algoritmo


“Morphopsychology already tells us that Emmanuel Macron is a temperamental, manipulable little thing and incapable of decision. We'll say he's an algorithm, a synthetic image, a millionaire from the telecommunication industry, a flute player programmed to lead by the tip of the nose those who do not see further than the end of their nose.

He's the candidate of the Caste, the candidate of the dominant and the powerful. He's a libertarian-liberal who conceives France as a “start up” and dreams of the abolition of borders and limits, histories and lineages.

He's the man of globalization, the man of migratory flows, the man of universal labor instability. The leader of the “progressives” by contrast with those who no longer believe in progress because they noted that it no longer improves their lives, but on the contrary darkens their daily routines”.



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  1. O Pereira Coutinho diz(num dos seus artigos)que terão de haver mais cinco anos de decadência e terrorismo para Le Pen(ou alguém similar)ganhar http://www.cmjornal.pt/opiniao/colunistas/joao-pereira-coutinho/detalhe/bicos-calados?ref=joao-pereira-coutinho_outros


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